Posted by : Unknown Saturday, 4 June 2011

My husband and I knew we were meant to be when, for our first valentine's Day, we each unknowingly got the other a Gameshark.

The other night, J found the trailer for Hunted: the Demon's Forge. We were thrilled to see that it involved co-operative play, so I ran out and rented it the next day (calling him right after I did so to make sure he hadn't gone and bought it already).

So far so good on the game play, but it's not really about how good the game is. It's about being able to play it together, which we haven't done since Baldur's gate II: Dark Alliance. We missed the opportunity to play Final Fantasy XI together since neither of us believed I would have went on to play for so long (almost a decade) and so we didn't bother to make separate accounts. Lesson learned there, something we looked forward to remedying with Final Fantasy XIV, but our plans were thrwarted by the horrible issues of the game itself. He's currently playing EVE Online and trying to convince me to join him, but while the game dynamics sound interesting, I can't get past the fact that it looks a lot a spreadsheet with stars and a spaceship in the background. I likes me the purty and he likes his space battles.

Now, I hate to give George Lucas any credit, but it looks like our romantic gaming dreams will come true thanks to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Buzz chatter and all the trailers are making me more and more excited about the future (which is ironic, since my guage of excitement to disappointment level is now based on the hole left in my heart by George Lucas.)


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  1. Makes me think of how my husband and I met. We were bitter rivals in college. We were always butting over a game of MvC2 or Disney Tetris on 64. Gaming is what really brought us together because before that I thought he was a bit of a jerk. LOL. Nice post. :-)


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