Posted by : Unknown Friday, 3 June 2011

When your revenue is down 17% due to the internet, you what the smart thing not to do is? Go on strike and thereby convince more people to use email for their mail options.

Unions make me angry. They take the public hostage to get their way. I feel sorry for the people at the bottom of the union ladders because they won't see any major advantages at the end of the strike. And of course, they will see very little money during.

Unions used to have a place, but now they are a hinderance. I am so glad that the TTC was made an essential service so that they could stop preventing thousands of people from getting to their jobs. Remember the writer's strike? I wonder how those people who lost their jobs and film-related businesses are doing now. I was in Toronto for the blessed garbage strike. I haven't had to deal with a teachers strike, but if they try to pull one now that my kids are in school, there will be hell to pay.

The public needs to stand up to this. And I wish the low tier union members would too, but I know they fear for their jobs and are forced into this.

I'd say more about my strong dislike of unions and their tendency to go on strike to get more money (stop trying to convince me otherwise, nerds), but I risk venturing into $5 emotional rant territory.


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