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The disclaimer goes a little something like this: I am a casual gamer. I list "defeating Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers" for NES among my greatest accomplishments. I'm a damn reasonably good RDM and I have ranked fairly high in Warhawk, but fly an actual Warhawk like a girl. The list goes on!

And so, with that, I begin my review of Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

My hubby found the trailer and we immediately rented it with hopeful plans for co-op play. I have a preference for slutty, large-breasted ass-kicking characters, so I picked E'lara the elven ranger, while he played Caddoc, the big guy who smashes stuff.
Co-op play did not let us down. This is more than just a button masher. There was actual strategy involved to avoid getting your butt handed to you. Not that we weren't often left holding our butts, but each massacre allowed us the opportunity to rework our strategies to suit.

Frustration really only came in the initial stages when we found ourselves short on potions and, not being used to games with save points (we've been playing MMOs lately, where people are usually around to heal or raise us and you don't take the big risks unless you *really* want or have to), having to go back through dungeons and trials when we died.

The story is engaging and the character banter is amusing (but it's no Dragon Age: Origins). The path is straight forward, but surprisingly, not overly repetative. The puzzles are interesting enough to do them all without the temptation to Google a walkthrough, even for me, who is a fan of the Holy Cult of Strategy Guides. Once you reach Chapter 4 onward, the game thankfully acknowledges that side quests and such get kinda tedious and starts to get straight to the point.

Due to other engagements, our co-op play was put off and I eventually decided to go on by myself to victory. Initially, I had played the introduction alone and was annoyed with the NPC who enjoyed running into battle, dying, then yelling for me to toss him a regen potion, by which time, I had been swarmed by the mobs and was soon dead myself. Fortunately, Caddoc wised up by Chapter 4 and was a very useful and intelligent ally. Almost made me happy I dumped my husband, but, if I didn't know better, the AI's actions and banter were plucked from J's previous play. It also seemed as if Caddoc was picking up on my tricks and using them himself.

I'm currently replaying it by myself, which is a good sign. I've even upped my game and am playing on the "Gamer" setting with all my spells and weapons from the previous game. I'm so badass.

NOTE: If you are a diehard and like collecting trophies, then you probably shouldn't drink the sweet shiny silver liquid known as Sleg. I am obviously not a diehard and I take great pleasure in invincibility. Note, though, to drink or not to drink, changes the ending of the game. Choose wisely. (But seriously, kids, drugs that make you invincible are *fun*.)


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