Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's been on the news for days, but Canada Post workers are shocked this morning to learn that Canada Post wasn't bluffing when they said they would shut their doors, citing a $100M loss caused by the 12 day rotating union workers strike.

Apparently, strikes aren't any fun for union works (especially ones who get paid $30 an hour) when they aren't the ones controlling the strikes.

“We believe that a lockout is the best way to bring a timely resolution to this impasse and force the union to seriously consider proposals that address the declining mail volumes and the $3.2-billion pension deficit.”

Considering Enbridge is advertising a chance to win a free iPad to people who switch to ebilling, I'm leaning towards believing Canada Post's reasoning. The Union believes that Canada Post is doing this to bring in the federal government, who will force a back to work legislation, as it will do with Air Canada if those kids don't make themselves a deal within the next 24 hours. Could well be, but so be it, since the union doesn't seem to want to move past that pesky pension sticking point.

Sure CUPW's rotating postal strikes were slightly easier on the community than this full on lock down, but, despite the inconvenience, for once, I can side with this hostage taking because it's not quite as selfish as the union workers whining about their pensions or banked sick days or pay raises. They always argue that the media pounces on these points, making them sound greedy, but when asked what the actual sticking point is in union talks, they can never give a proper answer beyond, "It's about fairness."

Fair is you doing your job so that I can do mine, without me ever complaining about all the extra perks you get doing so.

I am pleased that the Harper government has been so quick to pounce on Air Canada with back to work legislation threats. I hope they do the same for Canada Post. I hope then that this is the beginning of the end of unions in Canada. They once had a very important place in society. Now, as my friend said, "They are victims of both greed [in many cases] and lack of 'big picture' realistic and adaptive thinking. Truly their own worst enemy."


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