Posted by : Unknown Sunday, 12 June 2011

It's not a bad day, just a day that seems to be trying to get you down with a lot of little annoyances. It actually started out rather well, despite The Dawn Riser rising at, well, dawn. She did manage to let me get back to sleep until 8am and I got up feeling good.

Then I stepped in cat presents.

Cleaned that up and moved on. We drove for an hour to the Tank Museum that was supposed to start live demonstrations at 10am, according to the website, but, according to the sign, did not open until noon. With an hour to kill, we headed back to the car where I discovered, just in time, that a bird had skillfully dive bombed my door handle.

We headed off to find some food. Turns out we were conveniently close to hubby's favourite restaurant, Mongolian Grill. Unfortunately, Mongolian Grill did not open until noon either. We wandered aimlessly for a bit before deciding to kill some time with a carwash that failed to clean the bird shit from my door handle.

Fortunately, the restaurant was open by the time we got back and it was good.

Unfortunately, by the time we were heading back to the museum, the rain started. Should we brave the rain? Sure! We've come all this way, after all. {thunderandlightninglol} Suddenly, hanging out in an outdoor museum surrounded by large chunks of metal became a bad idea.

Also, we missed the memo from GM about Camaro Day. Everyone and their mom was driving one.

By the time we got home, I was feeling crappy. Worse, the Coke Slushee was not ready at MACs. Bastards. I went home and took a nap.

Later, we decided to try out this Netflix business, finally. My husband is happily watching Robotech right now, but about 90% of the shows I want to watch are Not Available. Fuck this. Got buzzed and watched Labyrinth (because Willow was also not available).

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  1. Damn. Sorry to hear that. I guess it could have been a worse day. But the accumulation of it all does affect you, especially when the beginning is just so frikkin' bad.

    Btw, I hope the Netflix deal works out for you somewhat. Even if it has only 10% of what you want on instant viewing, you should be able to enjoy it and find it useful.


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