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We will set rules for you, but we are not stupid. We know you will break them because we were your age once. Some rules we will enforce far more fiercely than others. We hope you will understand that we do so out of love and out of our fear of losing you. We hope wwe will have instilled in you the self-respect, common sense and wisdom you need to see why these rules are so important to us, and why they should be important to you.

SEX: Be safe. Your body is your body and you must protect it. If you are not comfortable in a situation, then you put an end to that situation. Your body; your rules.

SMOKING: Try it once or twice to say you did, then never do it again. There is enough information on the (guaranteed) health risks of smoking to make it obvious that you shouldn't do it. If you have friends who smoke, then politely ask them to stand down wind.

DRUGS: Daddy will happily roll you your first joint. Everything else? Don't be stupid.

ALCOHOL: Know your limit (you will figure it out after your first hangover). Do not drive after drinking and do not get into the car if there is a drunk driver behind the wheel. Call us. A grumpy, sleepy parent awakened to pick you up at stupid o'clock is, believe it or not, a lesser risk than the alternative.

Will we be angry if you break these rules? Probably. Will we still love you?



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2017 Reading Challenge
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