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T L W's Buzz of the Comic Alliance Woman in Comics Geek Girl Roundtable inspired me to dig up my old (lol 1997) VideoGirls article from back when I suffered the curse of being a female in what some guys believe(d) to be a man's world.

This is dedicated to all us ladies who know what to do when Shao Khan says "FINISH HIM!" You know who we are. The ladies who have to tolerate the abuse from guys who tease us about -- like ohmigod -- breaking a nail. Yeah, I've broken a nail or two ... guess that's the sacrifice you make when you're playing football. Pink is not our favourite colour, we don't squeal when you bring your pet lizard to class, we can watch Aliens without closing our eyes, we know that Stan Lee has no relation to Sara, and we are aware that Akira is not the name of a car. Guys, don't be so surprised when we kick your butts at the arcades. It's not some strange phenomenon. We just happen to like the same things you do, and we can do them just as well, if not better. So give us a chance. You just might learn something from us VideoGirls .

Amanda ConnerLadies, how many times have you walked into a comic store and been completely ignored as the male staff catered to every male customer that came in after you, having assumed that your boyfriend must be somewhere behind you? Or better yet, the only attention you get is when they give you the old up and down as they assess your assets. Oooooh, the horror when you open your mouth and enlighten them with your knowledge of the subject at hand. After convincing them that your collection of five hundred plus comics does not consist of Archie and Barbie, they suddenly become wide-eyed and open-mouthed, staring stupidly at this strange alien being that in appearance is feminine, yet speaks like a male. Yes, I know who Bill Tucci, Joe Madureira, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Garth Ennis, Alan Moore and many others are. They are some of my many favourite writers and artists, along with Marc Silvestri, although I prefer his work back in the mid-two hundred issues of Uncanny X-Men. Why are you guys so surprised that we know these things? The world of comics isn't just for you alone. Ask Amanda Conner, the lovely lady who drew that copy of Vengeance of Vampirella that you're holding.

VideoGirls don't just suffer for our sex in the comic stores. We save a lot of quarters at the arcades since some guys feel that we don't need to play the games there. But we save even more quarters when we do get to play and defeat challenger after stupified challenger in games other than Ms. Pac Man. We sigh quietly to ourselves when we hear the words "Holy $#}+! You're getting your @$$ kicked by a girl," (actual quote) from the ashamed friends of a challenger that just suffered 60% damage from Kabal's sixteen hit combo. We like to use the female characters from time to time in those fighting games because they are quick and nimble. Guys laugh because "only girls pick girls," but they never laugh when Rogue insults them at the end of a match. Instead, they hurry away with a pained expression on their faces that seems directly related to their suddenly deflated egos ("Say g'night, sugah"). Okay, we're not always going to beat you, but give us a chance to try. Here's a tip for you guys: don't EVER show us mercy. We don't need your pity. Unlike you, when we lose, we get over it quickly. We learn from our defeat and come back stronger for the rematch.

We don't need to cling madly to you at the movies fearing what will happen next on the screen. We're not scared of the violence and the horror. We can handle the blood and guts of  The Relic -- in fact we laughed at it in The Wishmaster and we were just as impressed by the non-stop action in The Rock (which we have seen as many times as you). We couldn't wait for Con Air to hit the theatres and were incredibly bored during Little Women.

We can tell the difference between a water gun and an Uzi. We take our shoes off without fear of icky slimey things as we wade into the creek to hunt for frogs, turtles and crayfish. You can wrestle with us -- we don't break that easily. We like to play sports as much as we like to watch them, so save us room on the field, and on the couch along with a few beers when the Super Bowl is on. We can talk the trash and shoot the shit just as bad as you so don't be embarassed when we walk in and make ourselves comfy during your sex talks. And when your laser says "Tagged by Tyger Lily" on it at LaserQuest, it was because I was aiming at you and I hit you. It wasn't an accident and I'll prove it to you when I hit you again and again.

We still like to do "girlie things" now and then. We like to dress up and look sexy from time to time. But don't expect us to just sit around in our dainty bows and lace with our legs crossed when you guys are heading out to play baseball. This is us guys. Pay us some attention and give us a little respect when you see us in the arcades and the comic shops and on the fields. We're not all sugar and spice and everything nice, and we're not ornaments hanging on the walls. We can play too, so don't be so surprised when we do.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself. I remember the first time I walked into Games Workshop I got totally ignored. Then when I went in a second time they talked to my boyfriend, and once my boyfriend had pointed them in my direction they finally spoke to me. Yes I can be girly, but I love hanging out with the lads!


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