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When I first voted many moons ago, I was so proud of myself for my grown-up-ness. Of course, I was disappointed the next day when I learned that my vote did not sway the turn of events. I confess to still not knowing enough about politics and the various parties to hold up any kind of meaningful discussion or argument for or against, but from what little I did understand, I decided that the New Democratic Party was for me.

Thing is, I never thought they actually stood a chance of winning. Angus Reid and Nanos are telling us otherwise.... According to their polls, NDP has made a striking leap to second place.

Now, to be honest, like I said, I never thought the NDP would actually return to power in Canada, and, even though I voted for them, I never truly wanted them to be the ones in power. I do not believe they have the competence to actually lead the country. I want them there on the shoulders of the leader to make sure the leader doesn't forget the little guy, but I don't believe the NDP has a strong enough grasp on economic and business issues to efficiently run the country.

I used to hate the Conservatives, until the Liberals fucked things up and lost whatever trust I had in them. I started voting Conservative to avoid a Liberal government since then and have been happy with that, after my old boss, a Liberal, explained the Conservatives to me.

In my ideal political world, I'd be able to vote for both the municipal leader and the federal leader. I'd have switched back to voting NDP if my riding actually had an NDP candidate that I liked. While I appreciated his gumption, the last guy who ran was an 18yo who promised to cut down on his WoW time if elected.

Ultimately, it seems that "Which leader do you trust more?" has become the deciding question, and Layton is in the lead. One thing that has very much pleased me about the reports this week is that we have had a record number of voters. Two million at the advanced polls. The NDP surge has been attributed to votes from the younger age groups that are more likely to appreciate Layton's views.

On a side note: While I do not want another minority government, it would be kinda funny if the NDP managed to achieve one since I'm fairly certain that Ignatieff and Harper would not attempt to form a Coalition...

Also, politics makes my head hurt.



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