Posted by : Unknown Friday, 8 April 2011

I1 had swimming lessons last night and, as usual, I2 came with to torment for what has come to be the longest 30 minutes of my life each week as I try to keep her entertained and try to keep both of us dry. I1 did well and when it was over, we headed into the change room to get dried and dressed. When it came time to get boots on, I realized something was wrong.

I2's little yellow rubber boots were missing. How odd.

A little too soon after my realization, the lady down the bench from me, who's daughter's class had finished 15 minutes earlier, asked if I was looking for something. I considered that perhaps, since I2 had fallen asleep in the car and we were in a rush, that the boots had fallen off in the car and I hadn't noticed when I brought her in. Always have to think positive, but not so deep down, I knew the truth as the lady quickly strapped on her very full purple backpack while pretending to help me look for the boots and soon left.

I have another pair of boots for I2 that she could probably still fit into so I wasn't overly worried. When I told my husband, he thought along the same lines as I did. If she needed boots for her kids so badly, then just let her have them, even though stealing is, of course, wrong.

But, as I walked into the foyer with my barefoot babe, a man called to me and asked if I was missing a pair of yellow boots. The lady at the counter apparently spotted them on a nearby bench and the gentlemen, too quick to over explain, said that I must have sat down and taken them off there. Mhm. "Someone took them and then felt guilty," I corrected him.

Still, when I went home, I looked at I2's other pair of boots and my husband and I considered the least embarassing way to show kindness, even in the face of her blatant disregard of the Ten Commandments - in front of her children, too.

So what do you think, friends? Shall the robbed not only smile, but show kindness to the thief? Or, should we taken into consideration the fact that the lady had a 15 minute lead and a very full backpack, implying that the boots might not be the only things pilfered....

At least she didn't get to the camera I'd forgotten in my bag.



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