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Definitation: Some damn good eatin'. Considered a favorite of blacks (for actually quite some time, like decades), but anyone can eat this luscious, succulent treat. ^.^
"Get me summa dat friiiied chicken mothufucka!"

Apparently, when people search for information about Black people, Google is certain that they want to know about our love for fried chicken.

Well, fact is, I'm black, and I do loves me some fried chicken, and my husband is working on perfecting a recipe just for me, but as my friend points out, " Everyone loves fried chicken. People who don't like or love fried chicken are weird."

The problem is, the stereotype exists for a reason. And the reason, has a lot to do with things like this, which we are happily discussing here:

But where does the stereotype/myth come from?

The common and more or less confirmed belief is that they stem from slavery, particularly in the southern states. It's taken me 4 pages of Google searching to make it past the various forum and ask/answer posts from innocent people who want to know why, but I've finally found the apparent history of fried chicken as it relates to Black people. It turns out, , that I can blame my Scottish friends!

Fried foods date back to ancient cultures in Europe, Asia, and even North America. In medieval times, fried chicken was already being eaten in western Europe. Scottish immigrants to the United States are often credited with being the ones to introduce fried chicken to the country where as most other European immigrants to the country ate baked chicken.

Many of these Scottish immigrants settled in the southern United States where fried chicken became extremely popular. When African slaves who worked as cooks were brought to the country, they put their own spin on the dish using seasonings and spices not found in most Scottish dishes.

Most slaves weren’t able to raise more expensive meats, and were allowed to have chickens, so frying chickens became a common occurrence on special occasions throughout black communities in the south.

I can't watch this at work, but apparently someone has put together a documentary to explain why Black people like fried chicken.

The more negative stereotype has then been perpetuated over the ages in various forms. This site has a number of 'artifacts' depicting the stereotype of chicken and watermelon loving Black people over time, including 1938 Hoptons Restaurant Matchbook, featuring "Nigger Chicken"

Thanks to the slavery link, some people are quite offended by the stereotype and avoid such foods, while others are completely ignorant of the history. FYI: It is not a good idea to formulate a menu surrounding fried chicken in "honour" of Black History month. People will think you are racist and ignorant and there will be a big kerfuffle.


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  1. I was in Atlanta a couple of summers ago and stopped to get something to eat. I swear to you there were three fried chicken establishments (Kentucky Fried, Church, the other I forget the name) right NEXT to each other. THREE! I live in a city where to find three fried chicken establishments, I would have to travel over six miles. But three (!) right next to each other in Atlanta?

    Yes. That's what I thought also!


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