Posted by : Unknown Wednesday, 6 April 2011

J recorded The Age of Stupid and we ended up watching about half of it last night. Initially, reading the blurb, it sounded a bit hoky, but I see it has many starred reviews and, after watching that much, I would have to agree.

It turned out to be various clips of examples of how we are failing to do something about climate change. There are the obvious melting ice caps, and there are the more disturbing clips from those who are suffering as a direct result of environmental negligence. Most noteably, Layefa Malini shows us the effects of Shell Nigeria on her lands. While we whine about BP's spill, children in Nigerian villages are burned in their homes and healthcare and educational centres promised by Shell remain incomplete because Shell fears kidnappings. So the people try to survive with no clean water, tiny oil covered fish, and the constant company of noxious gases being burned off because Shell can't be arsed to do anything else with them.

The clips of real people are intercut with animations, such as the one telling of how war is almost always about obtaining resources (when it's not about religion). Oh how Africa has been raped for its every resource, including its people.

We also meet two young Iraqi children who were forced to flee when the Americans came. The boy says, at one point (paraphrased), "My father was the best father. Americans killed him. If I see an American, I would kill him."

All I could think was "This is how a terrorist is made."

And I could not blame him for it.



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