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Deacon Frost, the Misc. Negro writes: If you could have any show, movie or cartoon from your youth remade or rebooted and re-imagined, what would it be?

He suggests a darker, grittier Bravestarr and I could think of any number of my favourite 80s cartoons and shows that I'd love to redo in a good way, as opposed to what has happened thanks to Hollywood.

I can cross one show off the list though, because Lauren Faust has already taken care of My Little Pony with the new show My Little Pony Magic and Friendship. It's airing now on Wednesdays at 6pm est on Treehouse, which is the usual channel my kids watch, but methinks this show goes a bit above their heads. I've caught some glimpses and found it amusing, but today, it totally won me over. First, with the mention of ZOMBIES (twice) followed quickly by CURSES.

Some quick GoogleFU finds me the wiki page that, among other things, tells me about one pony named Nightmare Moon whom, "In her new form, her body is black in blue armor with her mane and tail appearing to be made entirely out of sparkly indigo, purple-rimmed moondust that she can use as limbs. Her older sister was forced to seal her in the moon after an attempt to bring eternal night to the world."

Dude. My ponies never rocked armor!

Tonight's episode was so funny that I had to call J to see it and now it's on our DVR list. Uh. For the girls, of course.

For more details on why you should be watching this too:

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