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A nurse saves our lives, but nurses are fighting for jobs and pay. Meanwhile an athlete or an actor entertains us and we pay them millions. Why?

A comment to a Buzz I posted about my secret love of Brangelina made me realize something important.

In summary, a commentor pointed out that Brangelina had lost brownie points with the Black Community because they have not been treating Zahara's hair properly. If you have not seen the documentary, Good Hair, you should, as it reveals just how culturally important hair is to the [North American] Black culture.

The angry comments against poor little Zahara's hair are all based on a few pictures of her in the public. More recently, her little sister Shiloh has been dressing like a boy, for which Angelina has also come under fire from the public. She has repeatedly said and shown that she allows her children to express themselves. That means the boys have mohawks, Shiloh dresses like a boy (which is Angelina projecting her bisexuality onto her child, according to one psychologist, and, according to others, will lead to Shiloh being ostracized by her peers because of her mother's repression. Interestingly, this article in US Weekly was changed to this version, where "experts" now say it's okay), and Zahara sometimes has a bad hair day that apparently, according to some, is a self-esteem issue waiting to happen. Really? If we want to talk about self-esteem, let's hope the Jolie-Pitts don't let their kids read all these hateful comments and articles about them. 

THe kids look healthy and happy. I don't think Child Services is concerned about their hair and fashion sense, therefore, why are we?

Why is it our business?

Have any of these bloggers, commentors and journalists actually sat down with the Jolie-Pitt family to rationally discuss these issues? No, of course not. Why do that when we can just unleash our disapproval and unsolicited advice online!

Based on this and all the other gossip rags and TMZ and the like, it finally dawned on me that this is why we pay celebrities stupid amounts of money. Basically, by paying them this much, it justifies our prying into their private lives. It justifies us putting them on giant pedastals and then ripping them to shreds on the way down when they stupidly reveal themselves to be only human.

This morning on the radio, the "Entertainment Report" talked about the real reason why Scarlett Johansen and Ryan Reynolds broke up. Gossip magazines regularly go on "Baby Bump" hunts. Tiger Woods is still the butt of many jokes. Paparazzi invades invade Michael J. FOx's dad's funeral. Police images of Rihanna's battered face are leaked online.

Obviously celebrities have things very good in many ways, but frankly, I do not envy them the scrutiny (or the loneliness of such a fake world). I can't imagine how thick one's skin must be to handle it. Especially now when they can't even trust friends to keep their secrets, such as the recent video of Miley Cyrus on a Salvia trip that made its way to the internet after being recorded on a friend's phone.

The therapy and rehab alone must cost them a large chunk of their million dollar salaries. All because enquiring minds want to know - as if it is our right - their deepest and darkest secrets and impose our ideals on their lives. Apparently, paying them this much allows us to cast the first and many, many other stones.



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