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I understand from my brother, having not seen it myself, that the original Tron was not necessarily a good movie because of story and characters, but more because of the technological potential it introduced for the movie industry.

For this reason, the more I think about it, the more disappointed I am with Tron: Legacy. Story and characters were typically meh, but I could have accepted that if it actually had given me some CGI that wowed me. Instead, Flynn/CLU and Tron looked like they had just stepped out of Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, a movie made a decade ago which, at the time, was a huge step forward in computer animation. Tron: Legacy ought to have been the same, but instead, we still have the dead-eyed plastic-face that is not going to convince me that real live human actors are going to be replaced by CGI in the very near future.

Tron could have paved the way for Hollywood's future, but instead, it inspires hopes of a fourth Matrix movie featuring really awesome bullet time, or perhaps Wrath of the Titans (oh yes, it's in the works, folks, because Clash was SO AWESOME!) will rock some stellar claymation!

Has James Cameron not been willing to share yet? Now Avatar was a prime example of meh story and characters being reasonably well covered by excellent computer animation. In fact, Cameron said that he did not want to make his dream movie until he could make the computer generated character look *real*. Haters will always be hatin', but I think he succeeded in that, at least with Zoe Saldana's character. How does a giant blue cat creature get to look more human than a youngered Jeff Bridges?

How did X-Men 3: The Last Stand manage to give me pleasant dreams about a young Professor X and Magneto knocking on my door? Were Old Jeff's wrinkles that difficult to work with, dudes?

{ETA}I should add that I only saw this in 2D. I think I can let my imagination cover how the 3D effects involving light cycles/planes, glowy orange or bluish white stripes in a sterile, tetris-like monochromatic world would look. Apparently these effects involved ground breaking technology, but when the majority of your audience can't identify the intricacies of said technology and just sees what looks like rehashed CGI and light cycles that can turn in more than 90 degree angles, it's really not all that impressive.

Ah well. The important thing is that I finally know where Thirteen went. Obviously, Foreman, House, Taub and Chase already knew this, which explains why they didn't care about her lying about her destination and subsequent disappearance from Princeton-Plainsboro.

And now on to the previews!

Green Hornet: Apparently Seth Rogen has been blasted for doing this. My brother is a big Bruce Lee fan, so he's not happy. We'll see how this goes.

Hop: Preview featured a cute CG bunny playing the drums. And then what.

Season of the Witch: Why do movies that look pretty darn good have Nicholas Cage in them? At least he doesn't have a stupid accent and it's nice to see Ron Pearlman getting full title credits.

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Depp = YES. Rush, McShane, Cruz = yes. No Bloom or Knightley = YES. I'll be there.

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  1. I saw Tron:Legacy in Imax 3D, and yes, it was amazing. It was made for 3D, and the time and effort that went into this aspect of the film showed in every scene.
    Also, the Daft Punk soundtrack is fantastic and is frequently played on my mp3 player.
    The story itself, however, was not really very good, in the grand scheme of things. The characters, for the most part, were bland and kinda boring (Castor/Zuse being the exception, but then it's Michael Sheen & that man rocks!).

  2. It seems this is a movie not done justice when not seen in its intended form -- much like Avatar, which I strongly recommended people see in the theatre if they could. Unfortunate that neither film can hold up outside of their special f/x

    The soundtrack was very good.


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