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Everywhere has been buzzing with the TSA's new security screening rules. I've been avoiding conversation about it, but recently commented on a particular video of a "pregnant woman" being harassed over her request not to have her breast milk put through the x-ray machine.

The video has since been changed slightly, such that it reads "new mother" instead of "pregnant woman," but it continues to include misleading information, turning it into a melodramatic commercial professing the evils of the TSA; a piece of propaganda against the TSA made to play on viewer emotions.

 A little bit of research finds the original videos from the woman in question and reveals that, while yes, she was harassed horribly and should take legal action, the video above has been nicely Hollywoodized. She is not pregnant, but saying it is adds that just the right sympathetic touch. Check her very own videos before they were altered. The full story starts here, from the mom (be sure to read all her comments):

Note in part 1 that she had issues the week before and was told when she contacted the TSA to carry the rules with her, which she did. In part 2, she explains that PD warned her to "play along" because this was actually a case of vengeance on the part of the particular security guards. Throughout she notes that the security officers frequently make up and/or ignore TSA rules. In part 4's comments, she notes that Newport81 has compiled her videos into one:  I wish she'd actually viewed the video and made note of the inaccuracies before promoting it!

She was horribly harassed and should sue their asses off, but by her own statement, she was not harrassed because the TSA thinks breastmilk can be used to make bombs, but because these particular security officers were being utter assholes and were originally ignorant of the rules and were exacting vengeance upon her because she dared point out their ignorance of said rules. The TSA does not have rules against carrying breast milk: Fortunately, some of the commenters realize the truth, but the majority have had the reaction expected.

While I do question the TSA's overall actions with screenings and such, I do not appreciate propaganda. Unfortunately, that's what the internet is for. This video has been altered to mislead viewers and pray on human emotion which has been boiled due to recent media coverage of the TSA issues. 

If you really want to fight the TSA, do it with the truth.


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